Ask the Stylist EP15: Can I Perm my Hair at Home?

If hair enthusiasts in the world have come up with so many videos and techniques on DIY hair dyes and even box dyes, is it possible to perm your hair at home? There is no one better than Sean to ask about Korean perms, as DuSol Beauty Hair Salon specialises in Korean perms and hairstyling. 

Sean has been in the hairstyling industry for more than 10 years and he also did Lee Sung Kyung's hair in her hit kdrama, Cheese in the Trap, so he knows all the ins and outs of authentic Korean hairstyling technique from South Korea.

Lee Sung Kyung's dark brown with blonde highlight hairstyle in Cheese in the Trap

If you would like to learn more about the whole process of Korean perms, you can learn more here. Not to worry, Sean has explained the entire Korean perm process in 3 clear steps, so that even if you are new to perming, you would understand easily.

sean lee korean director stylist from korean hair salon dusolbeauty singapore orchard specialised in korean perm
It depends if you are perming your hair alone or if you have someone to help you.
- Sean Lee, DuSol Beauty Singapore, Orchard
what is a korean perm and how does it work by sean lee korean dusolbeauty hair salon singapore orchard
A typical Korean perm process done by Sean will have these intricate steps:
  1. Apply Perm Lotion. It is important to test how well the perm lotion works and how effective it is to relaxing your hair. An experienced hairstylist would be familiar with the kind of perm lotions to use for your hair type to achieve a certain kind of hairstyle.
  2. Create curls according to your preferences. He also tests how well the curls stay and this boils down to the skill of your hairstylist, as well as quality of perming product you are using. Generally, DuSol Beauty's perms lasts up to 3-6 months.
  3. Neutralise the Hair.
He will have a hair consultation with you to personalise the perm according to your face shape, hair length and hair condition.
The perms he does are versatile and ranges from setting perms to Korean trendy perms. If you would like to know more about what kind of Korean perms suits you, you can consult Sean at Dusol Beauty Orchard or read this for some information.
If you are able to do these steps well, your perm will come out good. 
In summary
  • 3 steps to perming are relaxing, curling and neutralising. You can create good permed curls if you know what you're doing.
  • Health of the hair should always come first - experienced hair stylists know how each perm lotion will act with different hair types, so they can prevent unnecessary damage to your hair.
We hope that this week's Ask the Stylist has helped all of you who have sent in enquiries on DuSol Beauty's platforms asking how to perm their hair at home. You can drop us a comment either on InstagramFacebook or YouTube if you have more questions to ask! 

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