Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces, according to Hair Experts

With so many different ways of styling your hair, don't you wonder about the best hairstyle for your face shape? If you have a round face shape, this post is for you.

How do you know what face shape you have?

how to know what face shape you have
There are total of 4 face shapes, oval, heart, round and square. Traditionally, a round face is defined as:
  • Equal face width and length
  • Cheeks are the widest part of your face
If this sounds like you, congratulations, you have a round face shape!
A round face's full cheeks makes you look youthful and bright, which is generally a good thing. Yet, if you feel that your face shape makes you look almost childlike, here are some Korean hairstyles that can slim down your face.

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

When it comes to hairstyles, you need to know what you want to achieve. So, these hairstyles are grouped according to your needs, such as face slimming/contouring and flattering.

1) Short Bob with Side Bangs

IU with her iconic short bob hair with fringe to the sides, as she prepares for Hotel Del Luna, Netflix's highly anticipated drama
Source | IU, Lee Ji-eun
A short bob that is the length of the chin works well, as it's iconic as seen on IU, Lee Ji-eun. The curls of her fringe flatters the natural contours of her face, without emphasizing the roundness of her face. It accentuates the jawline, which provides more definition there.

2) Side-swept Long Hair

Joy, member of Red Velvet, K-pop idol girl group, with hits such as Russian Roulette and Dumb Dumb. Her long, side-swept hair in their 'Bad Boy' album is a great look for round faces.
Source | Joy, Red Velvet
With fuller cheeks, an asymmetrical hairstyle can slim down the cheeks and make you appear more mature with a mysterious charm. Joy from Red Velvet wore this long hair with her hair tucked to the side and it gives the illusion of a longer face.

3) Long, Trendy Permed Curls with Bangs

Kei, face of Lovelyz, a Kpop idol girl group with the popular single 'Ah-Choo'. Her natural-looking korean perms gives her that signature youthful appearance.
Source | Kei, Lovelyz
This long, natural-looking Korean permed hairstyle works well with the roundness of the face. If you want to take some years off of your entire look, this is the hairstyle to make you look brighter and younger. Instead of downplaying your natural full cheeks, the curls contours along the cheeks and emphasizes on them.

4) Asymmetrical Lob with Bleached Hair

Ryujin, face of ITZY, a rookie kpop idol girl group that debuted with the hot single, DALLA DALLA. Ryujin's asymmetrical lob with hidden bleached hair shows off her punky, tomboyish style.
Source | Ryujin, ITZY
For those of you with thin hair, try out this asymmetrical lob with side-swept bangs by Ryujin from ITZY. It's just the right amount of volume and the hidden bleached hair underneath makes the hairstyle cooler than ordinary lobs. It's always a focal point that draws people's attention.

5) Half-Updo Ponytail with Korean Bangs

Nayeon, face, leader and lead vocal of TWICE, a kpop idol girl group that is popular worldwide, especially in South Korea and Japan.
Source | Nayeon, TWICE
Can you tell that Nayeon from TWICE is actually the leader and oldest of the group? Her round face gives her a girly charm and the half updo styling here lets her fit right with younger girl group members. The best part is, this hairstyle requires no heat, which means no damage.

6) Straight, Medium hair with Permed Bangs

Eunha, lead vocal of Gfriend, kpop idol girl group who is well-known for her cutesy, doll-like look. Straight, medium hair with korean permed bangs that gives her a mature look.
Source | Eunha, Gfriend
For a lowkey hairstyle that slims down your face's profile, try this straight, shoulder-length bob by Eunha from Gfriend. This dark hairstyle gives her a sultry and darker look, in comparison to her cutesy image.

Bonus: Short Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

Eunha, lead vocal of Gfriend, kpop idol girl group who is well-known for her cutesy, doll-like look. Short, wavy bob looking doll-like as ever.
Source | Eunha, Gfriend
With bangs and a short, wavy bob, it gives a more doll-like and youthful look. The different is huge, isn't it?

In summary

Whether you want to get a slimmer face, or to embrace your natural face shape, these are the tips that you want to keep in mind, the next time you visit your hair salon for a new hair cut or styling.
  • For a cute, doll-like look, go for curls with bangs that follow the fullness of your cheeks.
  • For a mature and slimmer face, go for haircuts that are longer than chin, with an asymmetrical cut if you have really full cheeks.
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