7 Ways to Save Your Bleached Hair

Having bleached hair is beautiful, yes. However, the texture of your hair after bleaching is not always the best. It might even "feel like grass".

So here's how to take care of your bleached hair!


Avoid heat products such as curling iron, straightener or even blow drying. Using heat after bleaching hair on a regular basis increases the damage already done on your hair. However, trying to quit using heat products is pretty difficult for most of us.

Therefore, heat care products would be one of the essential products you should keep in your household. You might think, will heat care products really work? It's proven that heat does a huge load of damage to hair, by using heat care products, they create a protective layer on your hair to fight off the heat.

Olivetta Heat Care Hair Treatment is the product for you. Although this is stated to be salon used, this is a good product to have at home as well.

Olivetta Heat Care Hair Treatment, a heat protectant which protects hair when applied before styling with heat. Made in South Korea by DuSol Beauty Singapore

Olivetta Heat Care Hair Treatment 02, 200ml, $50



With bleached hair, hair conditioning treatment should be done once in awhile. These treatments help restore strength and repair bleached hair, maintaining the bright and blonde look. If you love experimenting your hair with different kinds of colours, you would want to save your hair with the easiest way possible.

With Hanastory's Chanamu No.3 Leave-In Treatment, it helps protect your hair by creating a protective layer whilst making it smooth and easy to style. There's 2 types of Chanamu No.3 Treatment – S (Straight) & C (Curling), these help target different hair types, straight and curly.

Chanamu S&C, Leave-in Treatment, which is a lightweight hair serum that smooths hair. Made in South Korea by DuSol Beauty. Hanastory



Taeyeon, main singer from SNSD Girls Generation, a popular Kpop Idol girl group from South Korea. Pale blonde loose waves, Hanastory


Kim Tae Yeon is known for her beautiful blonde hair. But how does she maintain the bright blonde look? The secret is no secret. A simple toner can do the job!

Bleached hair can sometimes turn brassy. Brass colour is definitely not a popular colour, if that's not what you're going for, a simple toner can help you turn your brassy hair back to beautiful blonde.

Easiest way to avoid the brassy blonde is to use a colour enhancing shampoo or conditioner. Purple colour enhancing shampoo or conditioner helps to achieve a bright blonde hair like Tae Yeon's.



Washing hair actually strips your hair off of the natural oil from your scalp. Washing your hair too often might over dry your scalp, creating scalp problems. Your scalp will then create more oil to try to replenish the lost oil from over-washing hair.

However, when you first started to wash your hair lesser, your scalp might feel very oily as it is already used to produce that much oil, especially in a climate like Singapore. Not to worry, after awhile your scalp would start to not produce too much oil.

Hanastory's Naturia Keratin Organic Shampoo helps to replenish fine, dry and frizzy hair, which is what bleached hair normally faces. Naturia Keratin Organic Shampoo gently cleans, provide fullness and leave hair soft, shiny and moisturized all day.

Keratin also restructure the fibres of your hair. It is recommended for people with fine, dry and frizzy hair, lifeless, dull and limp hair.

Naturia Keratin Organic Shampoo helps to restructure fibre to restore shine to dry and dull hair. Hanastory


Bleaching can damage fibers and follicles of your hair, causing your hair looking lifeless. To counter this, use serums. Serums help to bring out radiant from your hair, smoothen and protect your hair against humidity, which is important for people living in this humid weather all year around.

One of the products that will help you counter this Singapore weather is, Olivetta Aqua Serum, ideal for dry and frizzy hair ends. It is specially made to reduce frizz on hair ends, smoothen and moisturize hair to give it a radiant shine. Olivetta is a lightweight and non-sticky solution to tame frizzy hair.

Olivetta Aqua Serum, a lightweight hairstyling serum that doesn't weigh the hair down. Helps to tame frizz and styles hair. Hanastory


If your hair grows around 1.5cm every month, the ends of your hair would be 1.5cm further away from your roots – where all the natural oils are coming from. With not enough natural oil replenishing the end of your hair, it will become, well, dead. And when you apply chemicals to it such as bleaching your hair, it will further damage it. The more damaged they are, the more likely they will break off.

That's not very attractive.

Therefore, it would be good to form a habit and spend a little more money to visit your hair stylists and snip off those dead ends.

Don't be discouraged! It is possible to get long blonde hair without having dead ends too! 

Here's Rosé from BLACKPINK showing you that it is possible.

Rosé with ash blonde hair. A member of Blackpink, a popular K-pop idol girl group from South Korea. Hanastory



Ladies, am I right to say that we tend to leave our hair for as long as we can before we cut it for a special occasion?

However, that is not the best practice.

Having bleached hair requires lots of maintenance. Touching up your roots every 4-6 weeks is ideal, as hair grows about 1.5cm every month on average. Keeping your split ends in check will also boost the look of your overall hair even more.


Here's a before and after look of trimming your hair.

Blonde hair before and after hair trimmings. Regular trims to damaged hair helps with healthy hair growth and sleek hair, Hanastory
Image via She Look Book
We hope that some of these good hair habits that we have given in this article will help to fix your dry and damaged hair concerns. Do check out our other blog articles for more good hair tips from professionals to never have a bad hair day again!