Ask the Stylist EP 4 - Can I Style my Hair with Heat everyday?

In Ask The Stylist EP1, we talked about the benefits of blow drying hair everyday. In that episode, Vivian shared with us that it is not healthy for our scalp to be wet in such a humid climate like Singapore.

But, many of us have the same question – Won't styling our hair with heat everyday damage our hair?

For this week's Ask The Stylist, we have Miki from Shunji Matsuo!

So, here comes the dilemma. Can i style my hair with heat everyday? Many idols do it on a daily basis. So we too can right?

You're not wrong. Chungha's half up pony looks effortless, but this hairstyle definitely didn't escape multiple heating tools.




Yes, you can. Many of us as hair stylists do it too. But of course, your hair would take some of the damage.

Miki also agrees that we can't just roam around with a wet scalp in such a humid weather. Therefore, she always recommend her customers to apply heat protector before blow drying.

After blow drying your hair, it's best to apply serum on the outer layer of your hair for extra protection.

Miki also shared a fun fact with us – she explained that the temperature of hair dryer, hair straightener and curling tong are all the same.

They all will inflict the same amount of damage to your hair, causing dryness and frizziness. In the long run, they will even becomes split ends! 😱

Being a hair stylists, I'll have to keep the image of having neat, silky hair. - Miki, Shunji Matsuo

For Miki herself, she uses heat protectant straight onto wet hair and then blow dry. She will then follow with any heating tools she wants to use to achieve the style she wants for the day. She will then finish with their serum.

Many of us loves to buy new products to try, from the products we see influencers use on their Insta story to a friend's recommendation. We're so motivated to follow through a routine to "save" our hair. But our motivation don't last very long normally.

Every spring cleaning, we will find half used bottles, here and there, ranging from products to brands. Yes, we feel guilty and we want to start anew again. "This time I won't be lazy."



  • Styling with heat will definitely damage your hair to a certain extent.
  • Always apply heat protector before heat styling.
  • Apply serum after styling for extra protection.

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