Why Chanamu S&C is the Only Hair Treatment You Need for Troubled Hair

What is 'Chanamu S&C No.3 Treatment'?

The special perfect treatment is a serum designed to cater to selected hair types in order to combat popular hair concerns such as dryness and frizziness.

It consists of key ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile extract and other moisturising agents to improve, repair and protect hair.

This travel-sized bottle is easy to carry around, just apply, leave in and enjoy long-lasting smoothness in your hair for up to 3 days.

Why S&C Treatment?

Shampoo and conditioner is not enough!

Typically, most hair care routines starts with shampoo and ends with conditioner. However, specific stubborn hair concerns, such as dryness and frizziness require specific treatments to combat these issues.

For those with hair damaged from hair chemicals such as colouring and perming, you may be familiar with knots and tangles in your hair. It is ideal to end your hair routine with a hair treatment (No.3) to ensure that your hair looks its best throughout the day.

Traditional salon hair treatments are not enough to maintain silkiness for a long period of time, especially when hair is damaged. They are designed to cater to a generic hair type, which is usually the most common hair type in the region. This means your hair is not getting the perfect and personalised treatment it should.

Balance is key. Hair treatments, especially leave-ins, should not weigh down your hair with grease. S&C is lightweight and gives your hair a silkier look all day.

Benefits of S&C

  • Radiant and Healthy Glow

As we go about our daily life, our hair is being damaged by impurities from the environment around us. This causes our hair to appear dull and unhealthy.

Anthemis nobilis flower extract, more commonly known as Chamomile, is great for tackling lifeless looking hair. It stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth and leave hair healthy and shiny.

  •  Retain Hair Moisture

Tea tree oil is a mild essential oil that will not strip off your hair's natural oil, thus ensuring that your hair is smooth and moisturised.

  • Protection from Environmental Factors

Prevention is key! It is important to ensure that your hair care routine is actually protecting your hair from environmental factors such as dust and germs.

This non-sticky serum has anti-bacterial properties and moisturising agents to coat your hair follicles in a protective layer. Hair becomes easier to comb through and holds your hairstyle longer.

How to use S&C

There are 2 ways to use S&C for scalp and hair respectively.

Follow these 3 simple steps to achieve ideal results.

For Scalp

  1. Apply serum after shampooing hair.
  2. While scalp is still damp, apply No.3 treatment on selected areas of scalp.
  3. Blow dry with cold wind or air dry after combing and de-tangling hair.

For Hair

  1. Serum should be applied to hair that is 80% - 90% dry.
  2. Apply No.3 treatment on selected hair portions.
  3. Blow dry with cold wind or air dry after combing. 

Style hair accordingly after blow drying. Effects last up to 72 hours.