Ask the Stylist EP 1 – Do I need to blow dry my hair everyday?

In our latest youtube video, our Hair Stylist, Vivian talks about the importance of drying your scalp in order to achieve healthy looking hair.

Here comes the dilemma, should I blow dry my hair everyday? Won't the heat damage my hair?

Vivian has kindly shared with us a glimpse of her knowledge.


Due to Singapore's humid weather, Vivian recommends to blow dry the hair on our scalp completely. She says that if your scalp is kept in a wet condition, the moisture will allow bacteria to hide inside your scalp even after it’s dry. The bacteria left on your scalp might make your scalp become sensitive.

This extra step in your hair care routine may seem tedious, but it's important that you don't sleep with wet hair. The only way to permanently treat dry and flakey scalp is to do a salon treatment and then to avoid the causes of the scalp problems. So, whether you choose to blow dry or dry while styling, prevention is key!

If you are interested in scalp treatment, our hair stylist Vivian recommends you to use DuSol Beauty’s shampoo and scalp treatments. A few kinds of DuSol Beauty’s Salon are Olivetta Daily Shampoo for Irritable Scalp, Olivetta Shampoo for Hair Loss and Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo.

There are also different kinds of treatments that gives your scalp a deep cleansing and also replenish its moisture after the deep cleansing.

There are different types of scalp treatment that you can try at DuSol Beauty Korean Hair SalonChanamu and Hinoki. These two treatments uses different products. Chanamu is from Korea, and Hinoki is from Japan.



  • If we don't have the time to dry our hair completely, we should at least dry the hair on our scalp.
  • Due to Singapore's weather is very humid, as there's already a lot of water vapour in the atmosphere, it will be even harder for your hair to dry on its own.
  • When our scalp is being kept in a wet condition for a prolonged period of time with opened pores, we risk of bacteria going in. The bacteria will stay hidden in your scalp even after drying.
  • Therefore, it is important for us to at least dry our scalp every time we wash our hair.


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