Ask the Stylist EP3 - What is the Difference between Normal Scissors and Salon Scissors??

We've all went through that phase of trying to cut our own hair. Be it the whole head, or just our bangs. 9 out of 10 times, it will definitely come out terrible.

As many people faces the same fate, we've asked Vivian Nam, a Korean Hair Stylist, to share her thoughts on normal scissors and salon use scissors, for this week episode of Ask the Stylist!

Vivian Nam – This Week's Featured Guest Hairstylist for Ask The Stylist.

So, how do normal scissors and salon scissors make the result of the hair styles so different?

Vivian Nam giving professional hair tips, Korean Senior Hairstylist from DuSol Beauty Singapore

One of the most significant difference is their prices. Salon scissors are usually priced way higher than normal household scissors.

"Expensive scissors are definitely better for hair cutting." 

– Vivian Nam, DuSol Beauty Korean Hair Stylist

If you use your everyday scissors to cut your hair, the results you get will definitely surprise you. Not in a pleasant way. Vivian mentioned that in her opinion, normal scissors are not sharp, whereas a scissors made for hair cutting are very sharp.

Vivian also shared with us her own experience. She said that when she used to cut her family members' hair, she used normal scissors and she did not manage to get as even results as she would with a salon scissors. Even worse, their hair would get a bit of damage from the blunt edge of normal scissors.

Lisa, main dancer of Blackpink, a popular K-pop idol girl group. Blonde curls with blunt bangs


If you wish to have a clean and neat haircut like our dancing machine Lisa, a normal scissors are not going to give you this kind of results.


  • Salon scissors are much more pricey than normal household scissors.
  • Salon scissors are much sharper than normal scissors, therefore can make accurate cuts with the least damage.

Thanks so much to Vivian who shared with us her thoughts on different types of scissors. Do check out Vivian and the DuSol Beauty team's amazing hair works.

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