Ask The Stylist EP12: Can I go from Black Hair to Blonde Hair in 1 Day?

It's time for another new episode of Ask The Stylist!

For this week's episode, we are pleased to have Sean, Korean Director Stylist from DuSol Beauty! Although DuSol Beauty's main Sean has had more than 10 years of hairdressing experience

He will talk about how you can go from black hair to blonde hair and how salons will pick the best way to lighten your hair, so that there is as little damage to your scalp and hair's health! 

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So, you've seen a lot of amazing hair transformations on Instagram, ones that include a celebrity hairstylist's balayage or hair colour change. You also want to look as glam as them, but here's the problem: you have black hair.


hair colour chart by madison reed

There are many types of blacks and they usually range from level 1 to level 2, with varying ranges of undertones. Lightening your hair is a chemical procedure, which strips your hair of its natural pigment, which is orange.

Darker hair colours have the most orange tones to them, which is why black hair turns into an orange, brassy tone after bleach.

You can bleach black hair to blonde hair in 1 day

If you're starting out with black virgin* hair, chances are, you should be able to lighten your hair to a blonde colour without extreme damage. 

*Virgin hair usually means that it has not been dyed, bleached or permed prior. 

For black dyed hair, you cannot avoid bleach in your hair. The bleach is used to remove to black hair dye, to see how evenly spread the black pigments are. So for dyed hair, you will likely require more than 1 session at the hair salon in order to have an evenly blonde hair.

If you ever feel like going darker after blonde, pick dark brown instead, which will save you a lot of trouble if you ever want to go lighter.

Still, a lot of hair colour changing is a science and professional hairstylists are trained to see how to achieve the best results without compromising your hair's health.

It is very different from a DIY black hair to blonde at home, and you get what you pay for, definitely.

In summary

  1. It is possible to bleach from black hair to blonde hair in 1 session, especially if you have virgin hair.

  2. Dyed black hair is complicated to work on, as you never know what kind of colours will turn up after lifting the black dye. Sometimes, the black dye may have stained your hair so badly that a strong bleach has to be used to remove it.
  3. Go dark brown instead of black, if you want to change your hair colour often. Dark brown is easier to remove than black hair dye.

Did you enjoy this week's feature with Sean's masterful insights? Now that you know of all these, you can go ahead and change your hair colour in 1 session. 

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