Ask The Stylist EP13: How to Make Hair Colour Last Longer

Have you been considering to switch hair colours? Or maybe you have just gotten a fresh hair colour from your favourite Korean hair salon? Either way, you will be pleased to know that there are many ways to make your new hair colour last longer, for free even.

Sean, Korean Director Stylist from DuSolBeauty Singapore, will share us some insights into hair colour longevity and the mistakes that we are doing every day.

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There are many ways to make hair colour last longer

-Sean Lee, DuSol Beauty Singapore

Sean lee's professional hairstyling advice to avoid high heat for hair colour

In general, some of our everyday habits actually make hair colour fade faster. Activities such as using heat to style your hair or showering with high heat will cause the colour pigment to fade fast.

In order to make your hair colour last longer, avoid using hot water and hair iron/curlers. Hair is weak and sensitive to heat, so high heats cause colour changes quickly. You should also always use heat protectants when dealing with hot tools hairstyling.

Sean also recommends to use salon-grade hair products that are designed to make your hair colour last longer. Such hair care products usually have 'safe for colour use' or 'for coloured hair' in their packaging.

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