Ask The Stylist EP14: Can I go from Blonde to Black Hair?

This week's topic may come at a surprise for some of you, don't you just dye your hair black to go darker from blonde?

Well, we asked Sean, Korean Director Stylist from DuSol Beauty Scotts Square about the hidden difficulties from going blonde to black, especially if you are a newbie at hair colouring.

Sean Lee From DuSolBeautySG Orchard, Scotts Square Singapore
"These are very different shades of black."

- Sean Lee, Korean Director Stylist from DuSolBeauty Orchard 

Sean Lee, Korean Director Stylist from DuSolBeauty SG Orchard explains about going blonde to black

Dyed black and virgin black hair are two different shades of black. As dyed hair's black colour comes from dye pigment, the difficulty of removing it from your hair can vary, due to manufacturers and application.

Due to human error, sometimes you may have gone over a spot a few times, which makes some parts of your hair more pigment than others. These are hair mistakes that you will likely commit in a hair colouring session at home.

Sean Lee explaining about the usual hair colouring process at a hair salon

A typical blonde to black process at a hair salon will start from a hair consultation. Hair stylists will ask about your colours and if you are planning to lighten your hair after darkening it.

Sean Lee explaining about the difficulties of going blonde to dark hair
You'll need to bleach your hair in order to see the levels of pigment left. That causes a lot of damage to your scalp and hair, so Sean recommends you to go for dark brown instead of black if you want to lighten your hair in the future.

In summary

  1. Bleaching your hair causes chemical damage which leads to scalp and hair problems. This means that you need to use hair treatments to upkeep your hair.
  2. Dye your hair dark brown if you want to switch your hair colour soon in the future.

It's intriguing to know that such a simple process could have so many different factors going into it. While you may want to switch your hair colours often, prevention is key and health of your scalp and hair should always be the top deciding factor.

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