Ask The Stylist EP11: Which Perm Suits My Face?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist!

In this episode, we have Lizzy from DuSol Beauty! She will be discussing how to choose a perm that suits your face shape.

ask the stylist ep 11 which perm suits my face?

Have you ever wanted to perm your hair so badly after watching a kdrama? Seeing how they can wake up from bed and be ready to start the day with perfect-effortless curls. But you're too scared to actually commit to a permanent perm? "What if i look weird with curls?" "What if I look like an auntie after the perm?"

We've got your covered. In this episode, you will get insights from a professional hair stylist on how to choose the right perm that suits your face.

"If you're pretty, anything goes." Lizzy started the video by saying this. I guess that's why models look good in everything.

Beside being just pretty, there are actually logical explanation why certain people look better with a specific type of perm. There are a lot of face shapes – long, short, round, square-ish, larger cheek bones, square-ish jaw.

As a professional hair stylist, Lizzy says that it is still best to advise her customers in person about the style. "It is difficult to say what looks good without seeing the person."

However, there are some basic rules for hairstyles:

If your face is long, Lizzy recommend the length to be below the shoulders. If your face is long and thin, layered perm is recommended.

If your face is square-ish, the recommended hair length is slightly below the shoulders with layered perms, to sharpen the chin.lizzy dusol beauty sg ats ep 11

If your face shape is egg-like and round, everything makes it look nice. 😊


In summary,

1. It is best to advice hair styles after your hair stylist look at your face in real life.

2. Different types of face shapes complement different types of perms.


We hope that this week's episode has been insightful!

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