Ask The Stylist EP 10 – Can I Perm Bleached Hair

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Many of you really enjoyed the hairstylist Q&A session we had with Matthew before, where he discussed what would be the best type of Korean perms and how perms are still a chemical process.

Ask the Stylist by Lizzy Kwon, can I perm bleached hair


For those of you with coloured or bleached hair, you may be wondering if you could still perm your bleached hair to get some of those natural looking curls. Or specifically, is it ok to perm damaged hair?

In this blogpost, we will be talking about how bleached hair should not be permed.

Bleach is a chemical that strips the keratin in your hair, which keeps it strong.

After stripping the hair follicles, chemical cannot enter them anymore because your hair would just burn. In a normal perming process, hairstylists apply perm cream for 15 - 30 minutes. Bleached hair would burn after 1-2 minutes of perm lotion.

So, for DuSolBeautySG, they do not do perm services for bleached hair. As a Korean perm specialist, some customers would ask them for a perm with bleached or highlighted hair and they would refuse to, because it's too risky to danger their customers' hair like that.


1. Bleach strips keratin in your hair, so bleached and highlighted hair will burn when they are permed.

2. Most hair salons will refuse to perm bleached hair because there is a high risk of customers' hair burning and sustaining extreme damage.

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