Ask The Stylist EP 9 – How Long Does It Take To Perm Hair?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist!

In this episode of Ask The Stylist, we have our hair stylist Lizzy Kwon from DuSol Beauty to explain to us the whole process of perming.

Lizzy from DuSol Beauty Salon, Ask The Stylist EP 9 – How long does it take to perm hair?

A trendy korean perm can be timeless if done right. Over the past year, there was a significant increase of people who went to get a perm. But there was also a lot of people who have questions about the whole process for perming. How long does the whole process takes? How long does the curls last? How should I take care of it after perm.

In this blogpost, we will be talking about the process of perming hair.

Perm has the most amount of processes. It consist of 9 steps in total. Shampoo, cut, apply perm lotion, test elasticity, rinse, roll the curls, heat curls, neutralise it, post-treatment. Therefore, for most customers, it will take around 2.5 to 3 hours.



1. Perming has the most amount of steps.

2. For most customers, it takes 2.5 hour to 3 hours.


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Hey, come closer. Let me let you in onto a secret. For the next following weeks, there will be more perm topics for Ask The Stylist. Alright, see you next week!

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