Ask the Stylist EP 8 - Why Must I Shampoo My Hair?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist!

In this episode of Ask The Stylist, we have our hair stylist Lizzy Kwon from DuSol Beauty to share with us why must we shampoo our hair.

Ask The Stylist EP8: Why Must I Shampoo My Hair?

To shampoo or to not shampoo everyday?

Sometimes the more you shampoo your hair, the oilier your hair gets. That is because when you shampoo your hair, you're stripping natural oils off of your hair. Your scalp would naturally produce even more oil, causing it to be even greasier than before.

However, that doesn't mean you don't shampoo your hair!

When you are walking around throughout the day, dirt and germs gets onto your hair. When you sleep without washing your hair, you risk of spreading the germs onto your pillow and your face. This will cause pimple and your face might get sensitive.

It is best to focus on cleansing the scalp instead of you hair because, when you don't clean your scalp, the oil in the scalp accumulates as balls of scalp oil, clogging your pores. Due to these balls, it will result in hair loss and even create infections on your scalp. Your scalp then might change to Seborrhoeic (red & sensitive) scalp, which is infection that causes rashes that overwhelms the pores – making your hair growth very difficult.

If you're experiencing itchy scalp, you are best advised to not scratch with your fingers but to apply anti-sceptic tonics instead.

One of the scalp tonics we have is Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment.

Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment, 125mlChanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment, 125ml

This treatment helps to freshen up the scalp, with an acidic pH level of 5.5, sensitive scalps will not be irritated.


The key benefits for Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment:

  • Aloe leaf extract - Hydrates dry and damaged skin which reduces flaking
  • Nutmeg extract - Promotes hair growth and improves scalp circulation
  • Linseed acid - Cleanses scalp and adds a  shine to dull and lifeless hair with its fatty acids



1. When you sleep with dirty hair, the dirt will get onto your pillow and face and cause breakouts.

2. The oil in the scalp will clog up your scalp and cause hair loss and scalp infection.

3. If you scalp is itchy, you shouldn't scratch it with your fingers, but apply anti-sceptic tonics.


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