Korean Celebrities Share Their 3 Hair Secrets in their Daily Routines

Ever wondered how Korean celebrities keep their hair beautiful and silky throughout their hair transformations? Turns out, they all have a go-to hair secret that they follow in their daily hair care routine. We have compiled the top 3 hair tips that you can do right now at home to get amazing hair.
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Park Shin Hye, top Korean Actress who starred in The Heirs, You're Beautiful and Pinocchio korean dramas

Source | Park Shin Hye

1. Always Blow Dry Your Hair Before Bed

Some of you may have had your mums tell you to not sleep with wet hair growing up. Certainly, there is truth in that saying for two simple reasons.

Hair is delicate when it's wet, so sleeping with your hair wet causes breakage and split ends. Your hair is vulnerable when it's wet, so even the slightest tug will damage it. It's normal to toss and turn during sleep, so your hair gets unnecessary damage dealt to it.

Bacteria accumulated in your scalp is one of the main causes of sensitive and flakey scalp. When your scalp is damp, bacteria can accumulate in your scalp, which makes your scalp sensitive, itchy and possibly red from inflammations. The only way to properly treat such chronic scalp problems is to go for a professional scalp care treatment.

Even after her long schedules, Korean actress Park Shin Hye never sleeps with wet hair to keep her hair in optimal health.

Yura, South Korean singer and actress, a member of South Korean girl group Girl's Day at a red carpet event

Source | Yura, Girl's Day

2. Choosing the Right Shampoo For You 

When it comes to looking flawless effortlessly, Yura from Girl's Day comes to mind. K-pop idols tend to go through extreme hairstyling processes to achieve an eye-catching transformation for their new music releases, so it's surprising how Yura maintains her hair's smoothness and health like a goddess. 

She believes in a well-rounder hair care routine to provide her hair with its needs. In a Get it Beauty video, she ranked choosing the right shampoo as the most important hair tip she follows.

Yura, member of South Korean idol girl group Girl's Day with her natural and soft beauty

INSTA | Yura, Girl's Day

Using the wrong shampoo can severely damage your scalp. Hair concerns such as dryness, lack of volume and colour protection is treated with the use of the right shampoo for you. Look for shampoos with key ingredients that are made to target a specific hair issue, for instance, dandruff, instead of regular shampoo. Natural ingredients such as tea tree oil helps to reduce dandruff.

If there isn't any particular concern you want to solve, pick a shampoo with nutrients to nourish your hair to keep it supple and hydrated. Doing this can also provides immediate hair care, which helps to cut down on treatment.

NCT 127,

Source | NCT127

3. Hair Treatment is a Must 

When K-Pop Group NCT 127 was interviewed by Wired, the 10-member Korean boy group answered the one question that K-pop fans have always wanted. "How do K-pop stars keep their hair looking amazing after dyeing it so many times?" Jaehyun, a vocalist in NCT 127, immediately noted down "treatment".

NCT Taeyong with white, silver, blonde hair, that can only be achieved by bleaching many times which damages hair. Always use a hair treatment

Source | Taeyong, NCT 127

NCT 127 has always had members changing up their hair colour frequently, such as pink, blue and even white. Bleaching your hair is a very damaging process, especially for someone like NCT's Taeyong who has black hair naturally. For his hair to still look vibrant and silky, hair treatment is definitely a must.

Usually bond building products such as Olaplex are used for bleached hair, but for hair that is lightly bleached or coloured, hair serums can also make for a great alternative for daily hair care at home.

Uee, member of Afterschool, a South Korean k-pop idol girl group

Source | Uee, Afterschool

For people who want a glossy shine to their hair, Afterschool's Uee shared that she applies Moroccan Oil to the ends of her hair every day, which kept her hair healthy and shiny. Leave-in treatments are great way to keep up hair care with minimal effort.

In summary, here are the 3 hair secrets that Korean celebrities do every day to get gorgeous hair:

  • Blow dry hair before sleeping - Sleeping with wet hair causes bacteria to accumulate in scalp, which results in redness, flakey and sensitive scalp
  • Choose the right shampoo - Using the wrong shampoo can cause concerns such as dryness, flat hair and faded haircolour to worsen over time.
  • Hair Treatment is a must - Never skip hair treatment, especially if you have bleached or coloured hair. Use leave-in treatments such as hair serums and hair oil for a quick and fuss-free way to improve your hair's health.

Achieving great hair is the result of maintain a proper hair care routine. Now that we have broken down the hair tips, the hopes of having hair of your dreams doesn't seem so far away. We hope that you can try out some of these hair tips at home and let us know how the results go!