Ask the Stylist EP 6 - Which Hair Colour Suits You Best?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist!

In this episode of Ask The Stylist, we have Du Sol Beauty Singapore's Senior Korean Designer, Lizzy Kwon, as our featured guest! She'll share with us why she recommends specific hair colours for her customers, and how you can choose the hair colour that suits you best.

Lizzy Kwon from DuSol Beauty, Ask the Stylist by Hanastory

Dying our hair is a common way of changing up our overall look, as it helps to make people's first impression of us stronger. The right hair colour can make or break your look, sometimes makes us look younger.

Many of us will want to touch up our roots or spice things up by choosing a bright hair colour, especially during Lunar New Year. However, it is definitely a struggle to decide the best hair colour. 🙄

Twice kpop girl group

We always see K-pop girls who change up their hair colour and it's almost as if every colour looks great on them. What's the secret to this magic? 

Lizzy said that for stylists, they will keep track of what is the popular seasonal colours of the year. Every year around autumn or winter, they will release the next year's colour. Most of them would just follow that and recommend it to their customers accordingly.

The colour of 2019 is Living Coral.

Pantone Living Coral


However, if everyone dye their hair according to the popular seasonal colour, Singapore would just be a sea of Living Coral. Therefore, some stylists recommend colours according to their customers' skin tone.

Skin undertone chart that helps you to see which undertone you are, Hanastory

Some people have a lot of yellow pigment in the skin while others might have more white pigment or red pigment.

We recommend the colours that would be complimentary to their skin.              - Lizzy Kwon, Senior Korean Designer at DuSol Beauty SG


  • Every year around autumn or winter, they will release next year's popular seasonal colour.
  • Some stylists follow the colour of the year.
  • Colours most suitable for you can also be determined by your unique skin undertones.


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