Ask the Stylist EP 5 - Should I bleach my hair at home?

We're back with another episode of.. Ask The Stylist!

In this week's episode of Ask The Stylist, our hair stylist from DuSol Beauty Matthew Kim shares with us what should we watch out when we bleach our hair ourselves.

Dahyun from twice having blonde hair just screams korean style!



A bleached hair just screams Korean!

When kpop blew up in Singapore, bleached hair was trending too. Some of us still love to experiment with different kinds of coloured hair. Bleaching hair in salon can get pretty pricey with the amount of maintenance needed so very often. From touching up the obvious black roots that are growing out, to hair treatments to fix dryness and frizziness. Many of us will end up bleaching our own hair at home to save some cost.

Today, Matthew will share with us why we should or shouldn't bleach our hair at home ourselves.

Yes, of course we can bleach our hair ourselves at home. But, should we?

It can be dangerous as bleaching also involves a lot of combing. When your hair is exposed to chemical, they can become very sensitive. However, not many people know about that.

When you're bleaching your hair at home, you tend to shampoo your hair yourself as you would normally. That is actually very dangerous. Shampoo might get into your eyes along with the chemical from bleaching.

Matthew reminded us to stay as far away from our eyes. It can be very dangerous if chemical would to go into your eyes. 

In conclusion, bleaching at a salon would be a much safer option. It is definitely worth the money to get a safe and beautiful blonde or coloured hair.


1. Bleaching your own hair can be dangerous as it requires you to brush through your hair constantly, risking of breakage.

2. It can be dangerous to wash the bleach off yourself as shampoo may get into your eyes.

3. Overall, going to a salon to bleach your hair would be a better options.

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