Ask The Stylist EP16: Which Hair Myths Are FAKE?

There are many hair myths all around the world.

Some examples are:

"You'll get a headache if you sleep with wet hair."

"It's better to air-dry your hair than blowdrying it."

"People with oily hair shouldn't use hair oils."

"If you pluck one gray hair, 2 more will appear in it's place."

Sound familiar? Here are just some of them.

Today, Edward from DuSol Beauty Orchard will tell you which of these are FAKE NEWS!

wet hair in a bun hair myth

"There are ways to reduce your hair damage from using hair iron."

- Edward Kim

Many customers believe that hair iron will cause damage to their hair condition, and stopped using it altogether. But as a professional, the way you use the hair iron can aid you in reducing damage done to your hair. The secret behind that is to use a lower temperature and slowly iron your hair. Dividing your hair into thinner sections and iron them slowly. Just by doing this 1 simple step will damage your hair much less and even give your hair a shinny look!

Park bom 2NE1 long shiny straight hair, how does she keep it so straight and shiny?? SOURCE VIA INSTAGRAM | @NEWHAROOBOMPARK

 Park Bom from 2NE1 is known for her straight and silky hair. She have been rocking this look since the 2000s! Truly Iconic. But, how does she keep it so silky when hair iron is an essential tool in the kpop idols' life?


Another absolutely FAKE hair myth is "Air-drying your hair is better than blowdrying your hair."

hair dyer with combs and scunchies

It is true that heat does damage our hair, but leaving a wet hair on our scalp, forcing our scalp to absorb all the moisture does even more damage.

There are people who believe that drying their hair with a hair dryer damage their hair condition, so they avoid blowdrying. This would avoid hair damage but your scalp damage might be quite high. Yikes. 😥

Scalp is meant to be maintained dry, if you don't dry your scalp to avoid hair damage, ladies and gentlemen, the moisture in your scalp create germs. 👾

scalp problems

Do you find yourself having problems with dandruff and hair loss? Not drying your scalp might be the problem. But if you're concern about damaging your hair condition, it's okay to not drying your hair fully. What's important is that you dry your scalp full after you shower.


In summary,

1. Separate your hair into thinner section when ironing.

2. Iron your hair at a lower temperature.

3. Having a wet scalp is worse than heat damage.

4. If you're concern about damaging your hair, you can dry your scalp only.


We hope that this week's Ask the Stylist has helped all of you who have sent in enquiries on DuSol Beauty's platforms asking how to perm their hair at home. You can drop us a comment either on InstagramFacebook or YouTube if you have more questions to ask!

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