7 Biggest Hair Mistakes 70% Of The Population Is Making!

Yes, you have had hair ever since you were born, and you are happy with your hair condition currently. How wrong can hair care be right?

Here are 7 common mistake your hair stylist wish you drill it into your head.

1. Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is to prevent your hair from tangling. If you're drenching your damaged hair with conditioner, hoping it to mend, you're doing it wrong. If you wish to mend damaged hair, you should use hair treatment instead of conditioner. 

2. Putting Your Hair In a Ponytail Way Too Often

When you tie your hair too tight, your hair tend to break easily. Especially when you have coloured hair. Over time, you might even damage your hair follicles. And that would introduce a type of gradual hair loss called traction alopecia.

blackpink lisa ponytail
An occasional ponytail actually spice up your style, giving you a cute and adventurous feel.

3. Slack Off At Home After Salon

Spending so much money at the salon twice a month just so that you don't have to do anything, this is actually a bad habit. Hair care should be consistent. Sometimes when people actually try what their stylists recommend to them, they see a huge difference compared to the drugstore brands you grab on sales.

4. Face Mask but no Hair Mask

Face masks are widely used by many every week. But not everyone have the habit of using hair masks. Some people have never used hair mask before. Hair masks and hair conditioner is different. You would apply a hair mask – often on dry hair –before you wash your hair, and you apply a conditioner after shampoo.

5. Plucking Grey Hair

Plucking out grey hair can be satisfying sometimes, like squeezing out black heads. However, it's not really good for you in a long run. Here's why.

By plucking out grey hair on the same spot for long period of time, you will damage your hair follicles. Having damaged hair follicles might cause hair loss. 😰

Instead of feeding on your little fetish, you should cover up your grey hair with hair dyes.

6. Skipping Heat Protectant

Yes, heat styling tools are damaging to you hair. But like the chinese saying, 爱美就要痛 beauty is pain.

Well, the torture stops now.

You should get a heat protectant before you get your next hair conditioner. Prevention is always better than solution.

7. Intense Towel Drying

Using a hair dryer is bad? Well, intense towel drying to worse! Rubbing your hair roughly with a towel not only dries your hair, it also roughen up the cuticles. This is the culprit of dull, breaking and frizzy hair. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Sometimes it difficult to believe that these are actually wrong, because we've been doing them for the longest time, some are even hair tips being passed down from our parents.

If you're unsure, we have a series on our youtube channel, Ask The Stylist. Where professional hair stylists come forward and answer some of your questions.

Feel free to send us some of your questions and we will feature them on our following videos!


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