Ask The Stylist EP17: Do Men And Women Uses The Same Product?

"Men shouldn't use conditioner." "Women shouldn't use hair spray"

It's all too confusing!

We have our senior stylist, Edward Kim from DuSol Beauty Orchard, to confirm some of your doubts, and suggest which kind of products you should use.

In short, the products are different for men and women. Because women use products are focused on hair condition, and men use products that are focused more for scalp condition.


girl hair

After shampooing, women use conditioner or treatment. Before they blow dry their hair, they apply hair protector. After blow dry, they apply hair essence or serum.


guys hair

After shampoo, men usually skip conditioner and treatment, because men have short hair, they don't need to use a conditioner. Therefore, men usually only use shampoo and styling products like hair wax or spray after blow dry.

People used to use hair gel or hair mousse, you should use hair wax or pomade to style your hair.




  1. Women's product focus on hair care and men's product focus on scalp care.
  2. Men doesn't need to use conditioner and treatments products because they have short hair.



We hope that this week's Ask the Stylist has helped all of you who have sent in enquiries on DuSol Beauty's platforms asking how to perm their hair at home. You can drop us a comment either on InstagramFacebook or YouTube if you have more questions to ask!

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