Ask the Stylist EP18: How Do You Maintain Straight & Curly Hair?

So you have permed or straightened your hair. What's next? Without proper maintenance your hair will revert back to its original shape faster than usual.

We have our senior stylist, Edward Kim from DuSol Beauty Orchard sharing some of his insights on how to maintain your perm and straightened hair.


Straight Hair

  • Don't Tie Your Hair

We get it, Singapore is very humid and sometimes it's just so hot that you have to tie your hair and let your head breathe a little. But by tying your hair it locks your hair in a certain shape and overtime your hair will starts taking on that particular shape.

  • Use Hair Essence

After a refreshing shower, do a simple blow-dry and pamper your hair with some hair essence.


Curly Hair

There are 2 types of curly hair. One is naturally curly and the other made by perm. But the way to maintain them are essentially the same.

  • Use Curling Gel/Cream

Do a simple blow-dry after showering and apply curling gel or cream while your hair is still semi-wet. 



  1. For straight hair, apply hair essence after blow drying your hair.
  2. For curly hair, apply curling gel or cream after blow-drying your hair


We hope that this week's Ask the Stylist has helped all of you who have sent in enquiries on DuSol Beauty's platforms asking how to perm their hair at home. You can drop us a comment either on InstagramFacebook or YouTube if you have more questions to ask! 

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