Ask The Stylist EP19: How Do I Know If A Shampoo Is Good For Me

You bump into a friend and you noticed there's something different about her. She told you that she just changed shampoo brand and it works super well with her hair. Sold by her recommendation, you considered switching brand as well. Should you though?

We have our senior stylist, Edward Kim from DuSol Beauty Orchard on how to identify shampoos that's good for you.

Choosing the right shampoo is important because shampoo gives direct nutrients to the scalp. You don't want wrong things to enter your scalp.


There are many brands with dandruff & oily shampoo, but there is no single shampoo that is for everyone. The only way to know if a shampoo suits you is to try them for yourself.

You can tell if a shampoo suits you if the dandruff or oiliness is noticeably lower. So when your friend recommends you a shampoo for dandruff but you don't see any noticeable results, then it is not a suitable shampoo for you and you should try to find one that suits you.

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