Ask the Stylist EP23: Why Do People Go For Root Perm?

Have you ever heard of root perm? definition of root perm

So yes, a root perm is to increase volume of the appearance of your hair. But, why haven't you done it yet?

Our Director Stylist Edward Kim from DuSol Beauty is here to share with us why you should go for a root perm.

1. Top of your hair is flat

Having a flat appearance on the top of your hair will make your face look short, making your face seem a little fatter.

2. Having volume will make your face look slimmer

Generally, having a longer face is better compare to a shorter face. That is why see-through bangs are trending now.


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Flat hair makes your face look short and therefore, chubbier.

Increasing hair volume makes your face look taller and slimmer.


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