Ask The Stylist EP21: How to Get The Right Haircut Every Time?

Both women and men usually cut their hair every 2-3 months on average. That's about 4-6 times a year. And almost every time you visit a salon for a hair cut, you'll come out with a different hair style every time. Every time you'll tell yourself "it's okay, it will grow out and i'll like it better then." But how about when you have some where to be? An event to attend? Some pictures to be taken? You can't always afford to wait 2 weeks before you hair grows on you. So why not have it the best way the minute you step out of the salon?

For this episode, our Director Stylist Edward Kim from DuSol Beauty @ Scotts Square, giving us some tip as to how should we communicate to our stylist to get the perfect ideal hairstyle!

edward from dusol beauty scotts square 

If you really liked the haircut you received last month and you want to get the exact same haircut this month, this is how you explain to your stylist.

1. Timeframe of Previous Cut

Letting your stylist know when did you get your previous hair cut, something like "I cut my hair 4-5 weeks ago and i really liked it. I want the exact cut that I had the last time." Your stylist should know what that means. 


2. Cut According to Estimated Hair Growth

Your stylist will then estimate the length of your previous hair cut according to estimated hair growth.


In Summary

1. Provide a timeframe of your previous cut.

2. The hairstylist will cut the hair length according to estimated hair growth.



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