Hot vs Cold Shower: Which is better for our Hair?

We often ponder over whether we are using the right shampoo or conditioner in our daily hair care routine. But...the temperature of the water actually makes a huge difference and may affect the state of your hair. If you are feeling confused on whether you should be using hot or cold showers, don't fret we are here to help you! 

Hot Water


Helps to get rid of dirt in your hair 

Hot water helps to remove excess oil and dirt in the hair, so that there is no product build up on the scalp. Another plus point is heat from hot water is able to open up pores on your scalp, thus allowing your scalp to be cleanse more thoroughly with shampoo.  


May cause hair to be dry and frizzy

Hot water may lead to high porosity hair. This means that your hair will not able to hold and absorb moisture well. Hot water can also strip your hair away of its natural oils. This leaves your hair frizzy, dry, and prone to breakage. 


Cold Water


Cold water gives you shiny, frizz free hair
Cold water locks in moisture and retains your hair natural sebum to ensure that there is protection against other elements. Leaving your hair shiny and frizz free! 


Cold water promotes hair growth
Contrary to popular belief that anything that comes in contact with a cold surface contracts, cold water actually helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp as the deeper tissues in the hair are simulated at a much faster rate as compared to if warm water water was used. This helps to increase hair growth.


Cold water may cause your hair to appear less voluminous 

Although cold water has many benefits on our hair, it can cause our hair to appear flatter. This is due to the nature of cold water which tends to trap moisture in our hair and this leads to excess moisture in the hair, causing our hair to look like it has very little or no volume.


Final verdict?

Use warm water (not scorching hot water) to get rid of dirt and grime in the hair and to avoid build up of product. Finish off with cold water when you are about to get out of the shower to close up the pores on your scalp and to protect it. This routine leaves you with the best of both worlds and you are on the road to healthy hair growth!


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