Hair Loss: Causes & Prevention

Are you experiencing hair loss? Well, you’re not alone as hair loss is a major concern for many people. So what causes hair loss?

Hair Loss



Environmental factors like nutrients deficiency in diets and hairstyle habits are common causes of hair loss.

Nutrients Deficiency

Vitamin and mineral complex


Iron, Biotin, Vitamin B12 and D are hair vitamins that promote hair growth. 

They help to build stronger hair that is less prone to breakage or falling off. Deficiency in nutrients may lead to trauma, resulting in sudden hair loss.


Healthy food high in protein


Hair consists of proteins. An inadequate daily intake of proteins will inevitably affect the growth and quality of hair. 


Excess simple sugar in your body causes hormone imbalance which results in thinner hair.



Carbohydrates are also known as inflammatory food and they worsen hormone imbalances, accelerating hair loss.


Stress also causes hair loss directly.

Hair Growth Cycle


Stress may force hairs to the resting phase (telogen) and stopping growth of new hairs. Over time, hair falls out easily without much force when you’re combing or touching it. 

Simple habits to prevent hair loss from within 

Reduce inflammatory foods

Pretzels, chips, crackers and popcorn in bowls


Remove inflammatory foods from your diet like simple sugars and alcohols. Consequently, your hormones will be in better balance and your hair will thrive.

Manage stress level



Lower stress levels will reduce the number of hair forced to the resting phase. Find activities that helps you to mediate and practice relaxation techniques.

Reduce hair styling

Hair Styling


Daily hair loss can be aggravated by styling of hair and dyeing of hair. These processes damage hair shaft by chemically and physically. 

The bottom line

It is normal to shed 50-100 strands of hair per day. It may be more noticeable for those with longer hair. Women also have a higher tendency to lose more hair than men. Various periods like pregnancy and menopause cause major hair loss in women too.  

If you are concerned about the amount of hair you are losing, consult a doctor. This can be shown by bald spots on your scalp or hair loss on your whole body