5 Reasons Why you have an Itchy Scalp

Scratching an itchy scalp and having no idea what’s causing it? Well, these habits might be the cause of your troubles!

1. Sleeping late

Sleepless girl


Sleeping late leads to an itchy scalp. Skin cells regenerate the most during 10pm and 2am everyday. And we need to be asleep during this time window for our skin cells to rest.

2. Sleeping with your hair wet

Blowdry Hair


Sleeping with your hair wet also irritates our scalp. A damp environment is ideal for bacteria growth. You need to shampoo and blow dry your hair fully before sleeping. 

3. Using a new product

Itchy scalp due to allergy


Itchy scalp may arise from an allergic reaction to hair products that you are using. This is also a sign for you to rinse off your shampoo more thoroughly. Leaving shampoo on your scalp can irritate it. 

4. Infrequent washings of hair

Infrequent washings of hair


Infrequent washings of hair may lead to an itchy scalp. Oily dandruff caused by overactive yeast on scalp can also cause itchiness. A dandruff condition may be due to stress, seasonal and hormones changes. Make sure to shampoo your hair more regularly to remove oil build up.

5. Extreme shampooing

Washing hair


On the other hand, extreme shampooing can also cause itchiness on dry scalps. Decrease the number of washes and moisturise with oils to soothe the itch.

So, are you guilty of these bad habits? 

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