How to build an Effective Hair Care Routine for Stronger, Healthier hair?

Skincare routine 


Just like skincare, starting a hair care routine can be a little overwhelming at first. But once you have found the right products, it’s truly an easy way to add self care into your daily routine. Not only does a hair care routine can be a meditative moment, a little goes a long way! Starting to take good care of your hair will do you good in the long run.

Here, Chanamu presents to you an Essential Hair Care Kit!

Chanamu Essential Care Kit 

Chanamu Essential Care Kit



Similar to the first step in skincare, you need to cleanse first. Chanamu Tea Tree shampoo is an effective shampoo that removes oil and dirt deeply and gently from your scalp.

Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo


It contains Tea Tree Oil which is an antiseptic and antioxidant, protecting your scalp from fungal infections, hair loss and radical damage. Chanamu Tea Tree shampoo also contains salicylic acid which has been scientifically proven to treat scalp problems by breaking down dead skin cells.


Normally, after rinsing off your cleanser, you would apply toner on your face. In this case, Chanamu Scalp Care tonic acts as a toner on dry scalp. 

Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic


It contains piroctone olamine which protects your scalp against dandruff, panthenol as a moisturiser and menthol that refreshes your scalp. 


Lastly, moisturise your scalp and hair using Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Treatment. 

Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Vitamin


This treatment contains aloe leaf extract which hydrates dry and damaged skin, reducing flaking on the scalp. Nutmeg extract in it also promotes hair growth while Linseed acid adds a shine to dull and lifeless hair with its fatty acids. 


You may also wish to exfoliate your scalp by using Chanamu Tea Tree scalp scrub.

 Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Scrub


Use it once or twice a week to deeply cleanse your scalp. Remember to rinse it off thoroughly with cold water! 

If you currently have no haircare routine, give Chanamu Essential Care kit a try! Also, look out for our blogpost How To Use Chanamu Essential Care Kit on how to use these products!

It’s simple and easy to follow. Start taking care of your hair now!

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