Dandruff can be easily mistaken for dry scalp

Unsure if you are having flaking due to dry scalp or oily scalp? Well, let’s clear this misconception right away! 

Flaky Scalp leads to Dandruff


First Impressions

Do you have dandruff or just a dry scalp?


Flaking from the dry scalp is smaller and whiter than dandruff. Whereas dandruff from oily scalp appears as larger, yellow tinged and oily flakes. You are more likely to have dandruff over dry flakes when: the scalp is oily, hair looks greasy and there is intense itching even when the scalp does not feel dry. 

Both conditions may cause the scalp to be irritated and itchy. Scratching it frequently may lead to redness and sores.

Dry Flakes

Dry Flakes


Dry scalp can be improved by less shampooing. Over shampooing strips natural oils off your scalp and hair, causing scalp to be dry and flaky. Using a moisturiser for your scalp can help with the flakiness as well. 


Oily Flakes

Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo


On the other hand, oily dandruff can be improved by using an anti dandruff shampoo. A good anti-dandruff shampoo removes excess oils and inhibits fungal activity, reducing itchiness and flaking. 

Chanamu Essential Care Kit


Try using Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo and Scalp Care Tonic, which cleans the scalp gently without overstripping it. Pair it with a multivitamin treatment to moisturise it, boosting hair growth as well. These products will help your scalp to build a stronger protective barrier against infections that causes dandruff.

We hope that this post helps you in finding which category does your flakes belong to! If you would like to know more about reducing dandruff, refer to our blog post on how to reduce dandruff here!