Dry and Damaged Hair? Here's a product that will help you!

Unsatisfied with your own dry and damaged hair? Feeling envious of others with thick, bouncy and luscious hair? You can achieve the same hair by adding these hair loving ingredients from Chanamu Multivitamin Treatment into your daily routine!

Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Treatment


Dry and damaged hair is inevitably related to our scalp health. 

Overshampooing Hair


But first let’s find out what causes dry and damaged hair. 


Excessive shampooing

Dry scalps caused by excessive washing may lead to brittle hair. Furthermore, scratching dry and flaky scalp can injure your hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Hair loss


Poor Scalp Circulation

Poor scalp circulation also leads to hair loss and unhealthy hair. Not all is lost, we can improve our hair quality by treating the root cause of the problem, the scalp!


Products with ingredients such as Aloe leaf extract, Nutmeg extract, Niacinamide and Linseed acid have properties that are beneficial to the scalp and hair. What do these ingredients do exactly?

Aloe Leaf Extract


Aloe leaf extract hydrates dry and damaged skin, reducing flaking on the scalp.  

Nutmeg Extract



Nutmeg extract promotes hair growth and improves scalp circulation. 




Niacinamide has circulation boosting properties. It also enhances the appearance and texture of hair by helping to build keratin, a type of protein.

Linseed Acid

Linseed acid cleanses the scalp and adds a shine to dull hair with its fatty acids. 

All together, these ingredients help to improve your scalp health and boost hair quality. You may find all of them in Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Treatment. 

Back label of Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Treatment


Simply apply on damp hair after drying wet hair. You may also apply to both scalp and hair after dyeing and perming. This treatment creates a protective layer so that the chemicals do not irritate and/or damage the scalp. 

Include Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin Treatment in your hair care routine and feel the difference in your scalp and hair now!

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