Ask The Stylist EP25: What are Edward's Favourite Hair Products?

The past few episodes of Ask the Stylist, our Director Stylist from DuSol Beauty @ Scotts Square, Edward has been answering all of our questions. Today, we'll be asking questions that allow us to know more about Edward. Additionally, we get to know what kind hair products professional stylists uses. Quite an insight isn't it?

Firstly, some background about Edward. He's been working in Singapore for 10 years now. Edward has been using and trying all the good products. And with his personal experience, he has helped many of his clients with products that he have tried personally, and trust.

Most of the products are made in Korea, and he believes that Korean products are made to be good quality. As Korean products are made for asian hair types, so it's very likely to be suitable for his clients who are mostly asian.

There are a lot of famous brand that are made in Europe amongst others, which are products optimised for caucasian hair types. Therefore Edward believes that Korean products are more suitable for asian hair types.



  • Korean hair products are of high quality
  • Korean hair products fits asian hair types compare to products that are made in Europe


Here are some products that Edward uses in the salon for his clients:

1.Β Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo

hanastory chanamu tea tree shampoo


2. Chanamu S & C

chanamu s and c


We hope that this week's episode has been insightful!

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