Are you disinfecting your scalp?

The missing step in your everyday haircare routine

Haircare routine

So everyone knows to use hair shampoos as part of our everyday haircare routine. Many of us use conditioners if we have dry hair from chemical processes such as bleaching, perming or heavy colouring. Or maybe... some of us are just unlucky and our hair gets very dry easily. 

But what is really missing?

Shampoo - Conditioner - ??? - Blow dry

scalp treatment

We often take care of our hair but we often neglect taking care of our scalp. Our scalp needs as much Tender Loving Care as much as our hair, or even more. Shampooing your scalp is not enough to eliminate the odour inducing germs in your scalp. Your shampoo is designed for maintaining your hair, not your scalp. 

Your missing step: "Hair Tonic"

Chanamu tonic

We have Chanamu tonic in our store. Not all tonics are the same though.

There are 2 types of hair tonics.

The first type of hair tonic is used for hair stying like this from Reuzel and there are those from Chanamu which is designed for scalp treatment and therapy. Chanamu Tonic contains alcohol, tea tree and thyme to name a few, designed to eliminate bad bacteria from your scalp. 

But more importantly, what is the purpose of hair tonic?

Just like how our skin takes longer to rejuvenate itself as we get older, the hair bulbs in our scalp also requires time to rejuvenate. As a result, our hair regrows slower and thinner. In order to allow our hair to continue to grow healthily, we need to deliver important nutrients to allow for more fuller and dense locks. (And yes, not taking care of your scalp can lead to hair-loss and thinning problems.)

So why Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic?


Made in Korea, Chanamu Tonic contains Tea Tree extracts that help to relieve your scalp discomforts such as scalp itchiness, irritation and inflammation instantly. This is possible by the alcohol disinfectant in the scalp tonic.  

The benefits include:

- Slows down hair loss problems by eliminating hair clogging bacteria in your hair roots.

- Gives a cooling sensation from the Tea Tree and menthol extracts on your scalp.

- Disinfects and helps to close any open wounds you may have on your scalp from scalp pimples.

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