Ask The Stylist EP33: Why is my scalp itchy?

여러분이 안녕하세요! Welcome back to another episode of Ask The Stylist! In this episode, Terry from DuSol Beauty Hair Salon will discuss what makes our scalp itchy and what can we do to alleviate the problem!

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The cause of irritable or sensitive scalp stems from our bad lifestyle behaviours. Sleeping late leads to an itchy scalp. Skin cells regenerate the most during 10pm and 2am everyday. And we need to be sleeping during this time window for our skin cells to rest. Remember, our scalp is also a skin! So, yes, your sleep cycle affects your scalp health!


How to ease an itchy scalp?

Sleeping with your hair wet also irritates our scalp. A damp environment is ideal for bacteria growth. You need to shampoo and blow dry your hair fully before sleeping.


Do I need treatment?

Alternatively, if the above does not help you solve your problem you may want to seek out some salon or home treatments for your scalp. Salons like DuSol Beauty offer services such as Chanamu Scalp Therapy. It is a Korean scalp treatment, that uses pressurised ion water to eliminate bacteria that causes dandruff, oily and itchy scalp - which are the most common problems that attribute to an itchy scalp.

Dirt and dead skin removed during Chanamu Scalp Treatment

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You may find out more about the treatment from this video!

Like our skin, our scalp needs a scalp care routine too! We recommend cleansing and nourishing your scalp, to help maintain a healthy scalp - just like a skincare routine! 

Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic helps to removes itching, oiliness and dandruff on the scalp. With the cumin extract and pyroktonolamine, it cleanses the scalp, stabilizing the stratum corneum and keeping the scalp clean with moisture.



Chanamu Scalp Multivitamin Treatment protects and maintains hair (PH balancing) for healthier and stronger scalp. Contains vitamin pp, Panthenol and natural soy protein which acts on the hair follicle to promote the shine and elasticity of the hair, and rebuild and strengthen the hair fibres!

We recommend using the Scalp Care Tonic and Multivitamin Treatment for best results!


 Do we need to wash our hair in the morning?

Some may feel that shampooing your hair in the morning prevents an itchy scalp. However, Terry believes that shampooing in the morning is more of a choice of hairstyling rather than for a healthy scalp.

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