How to reduce dandruff?

Think flaking only exists on dry scalp? That's a misconception many have. Flaking can occur on both dry and oily scalps! 

So how does oily and dry scalp come about?


Dry Scalps

Dry scalps are commonly caused by excessive shampooing. This dries your hair and scalp by stripping away the oils that keeps everything nourished and strong. Overtime, your skin flakes and your hair wilts. 
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Oily Scalps

On the other hand, flaking on oily scalps occurs as dandruff. 

Dandruff can be due to many reasons such as diet, stress levels and lack of washing. Excessive oil makes the yeast that normally lives on our scalp to be overactive and this stimulates our scalp to produce even more skin cells. Oil and dead skin cells accumulate in the hair follicle. They build up and shed as dandruff. 


So how can we prevent dandruff? Here’s 6 simple tips for you.

1. Reduce intake of carbs and sugars in your dietSugary foodsSource

They stimulate your sebaceous glands which produces more oil on your scalp. Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates may reduce inflammation, decreasing the appearance of flakes. 


2. Manage your stress levels

 High stress level may lead to a  weakened immune system which can reduce your body’s ability to fight off some of the fungal infections and skin conditions that contribute to dandruff.

3. Wash your hair adequately, not too much or too littleShampooing hairSource

Over-washing leads to dry scalps with hair with many split ends. However, under-washing of hair may lead to buildup of oil and dead skin cells, leading to scalp inflammation. Chanamu Tea Tree shampoo is a fitting shampoo that prevents dandruff without over-drying your scalp and hair.

4. Exfoliate your scalp once or twice a weekChanamu Scalp ScrubSource

Exfoliating removes buildup junk on your scalp, soothing and invigorating your scalp. Do a gentle massage only to allow ingredients to penetrate the scalp. Chanamu Tea Tree Scrub is an excellent product to deliver this job.

5. Blow dry your hair and scalp after showeringBlowdry hairSource

The moist and warm environment on your scalp is ideal for excess bacteria and yeast to grow. Wet hair is also more vulnerable to harm and breakage. Oil and sweat accumulated on the scalp while the hair is drying aggravates your dandruff further.

6. Do not scratch or peel off any layer of skin on your scalp

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Scratching exposes the skin to bacteria and infection. This may exacerbate inflammation and irritation. Seek for treatment or use an anti dandruff shampoo instead. e.g. Chanamu Daily Shampoo for Irritable Scalp

Having an itch-free scalp is simple as long as you follow the above tips! 

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