Ask The Stylist EP32: What could men do everyday for a good hair look?

여러분이 안녕하세요! Hello everyone, today we are  back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! In this episode, stylist Terry from DuSol Beauty will share with us what men could do everyday for a good hair look !

Having to style your hair when you're up in the morning is a struggle for most of us and we get you! There are little information about hairstyling and hair care for men as compared to women. So today we'll cover the most popular look you can get with your hair to achieve an effortlessly good hair look every day!
Recent Korean fashion trend revolves around men flattening the sides of their hair to shape their hairstyles. Coupling this with a Korean men’s perm or light brown dye can enhance the style of the look. Imagine waking up to styled up hair every morning. Just look at Korean celebrity Lee Min Ho's natural perm look!

Image from Beauty Undercover

Flatten those sideburns!

The importance of flattening the sideburns is also why taking care of the side and top hair is the most important for men. Terry believes that the look depends highly on how well the side burns can be flattened to make the hairstyle suitable. 

Men with a lot of hair would be able to achieve this top heavy perm look - we recommend trying a perm out if you haven't. Not only will it save you time, it would also help achieve a fuller look to your hair!

So how do we care for sideburns and the top hair?

Make sure to trim your sideburns in a downwards direction. You may create holes if you do so upwards! You may be tempted to cut your sideburns with scissors but don’t do that! Use only trimmers to trim your sideburns.

To care for your top hair, wash adequately with cool water. Try to use less styling products that are harsh to your hair too!


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