Hello everyone, we're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! In this episode, Stylist Terry from Dusol Beauty Salon will be sharing on how to make our hair look shiny!

Here are Terry's 6 simple step for those of you at home that want to achieve salon ready hair!

Step 1:
Start off with shampooing your hair.

Step 2: Condition
Remember to condition to nourish your hair when it's wet!

Step 3: 
When done, use a towel to help dry your hair.

Step 4: Blow Dry
Use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair. Start first from the scalp and then to your hair. In the instance that your hair is still wet, you may need to towel dry as you blow dry your hair.

Step 5: 
Then apply essence or after-care hair products.

Image from Hana Story Boutique Youtube

Step 6:
Lastly, finish off with a blow dry to lock everything in. You may choose to blow style your hair here at this step as well. 

These procedure will help you achieve hair that looks shinier than before!

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