Ask The Stylist EP30: Why does hair tangle?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! In this episode, Stylist Terry from Dusol Beauty Salon will be sharing why our hair tangles!

Hair start to tangle when damaged hair cuticles create knots.

Hair is made up of hair cuticles, that look very similar to how fish scales look in terms of layers.

When the hair cuticles are damaged and no longer together, they knot together and 
form tangles. 

So, how does the hair cuticles get damaged? Most of the time, hair cuticles get damaged from hair chemical processes such as perming and colouring. Heat related procedures such as straightening and curling your hair may damage the cuticles as well.

Image from cottonbro

As such, it is recommended to consult a professional hairstylist to assess your the condition of your hair before doing any chemical process!

Stylist Assessing Hair Condition
Image from Dusol Beauty Singapore

For home care, it is recommended to use the right shampoo and treatment for your hair type. It would be additionally beneficial if you comb your hair after applying treatment. Additionally, simply combing your hair can help prevent it from tangling well.

Home care treatment: Chanamu S Treatment (Straightening)

Chanamu S Before and After Hana Story Youtube
Watch on youtube: Chanamu (S) before and after

Chanamu S before and after
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