Ask The Stylist EP29: What is Different Between Korean and Singaporean Hair?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! In this episode, Stylist Joy from Dusol Beauty Salon will be sharing about the difference between Koreans' and Singaporeans' hair.

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Many of us in Singapore always looks up to the Korean actresses' and idols' style and hairstyles for inspiration. More often than not, our hair don't turn out to be as perfect as it seems on those photos. Why? It might be because Koreans' and Singaporeans' hair is different.

singaporeans hair and koreans hair difference

Some of us, Singaporeans have curly hair types and many of us tend to have dry hair. Whereas in Korea, their hair are generally thinner. This might be because it is common for Koreans to visit a hair salon often and change up their hairstyles to try a new look or style.

Beyond a genetic hair condition of whether if it's thin or thick, hair chemical process such a perming, bleaching and even colouring, can cause a lot of hair damage, causing it to be thinner.

Because of this, I believe that Koreans' hair tend to be more damaged than Singaporeans' hair.

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Now you might think, how do Koreans have damaged hair but still look so good in photos?

This might be exactly why they look better in photos! They spend so much time in a hair salon to perfect their hair in shape, colour, shine. Most people on the photos that you see probably style their hair with heat tools everyday before they leave their house. It might look flawless in every angle, no matter which direction the wind is blowing. But, their hair condition is probably not the best.


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