Ask The Stylist EP28: How do you keep up with trends?

We're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! Over the years, Korean trends have hugely impacted the trends all over the world. Many people started looking for "Korean Casual Dress" or "Korean See-Through Bangs" for inspiration when shopping for a new look. Today, our Korean Stylist, Joy, will be talking about how you can keep up with the trends easily!

There are a lot of trends based around fashion, face shape, hair colour and hair cut.

"I think because of so many factors like these, it's difficult to define a single hair trend."

so many top popular trends and style to choose from

Joy believes that the trend is based on your own personal hair colour, face shape and fashion style. If you're looking for the most popular trend to follow, it's quite impossible, since there are so many things trending at one time. Therefore, it is suggested that you should follow a style that you want to do depending on what you like and want.

Taking inspiration from your favourite Kpop girl, or guy, see what is the constant look that they repeat. There is a reason why you look up to them, find that reason, tweak it and make it your own. lisa new pic style hair bangs


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