Ask The Stylist EP27: How will Haircuts Affect Image?

During circuit breaker, many of us have been searching for makeover ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. When we think of makeover, we think of perms, colour, treatment. But do you know, just a simple haircut can change your image entirely?

In this episode of Ask The Stylist, Joy will talk about how a simple haircut is able to change up your image.


joy ats ep 27 short hair to long hair is lady-like to confident look"When you go from long hair to short hair, you can freshen up your image from lady-like to a more confident look."

With hair transformation, a perm or colouring is usually done together to support a new personal image. But these methods are often expensive or time-consuming. Don't get me wrong, these chemical treatment transformation is worth every penny. Saving you time in the morning to get ready, looking picture-ready every second. But if you're looking for a more affordable and less time consuming way of doing a makeover, a drastic change in your haircut will get you as many compliments as a perm or colouring.

"Personally, I would recommend a change to bob-cut if you're looking to change your image."

short hair girl is also pretty, bob cut


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