Ask The Stylist EP26: What's Special About Korean Haircut?

After a break, we're back with another episode of Ask The Stylist! Today we have a new stylist joining the series, Stylist Joy from Dusol Beauty Novena!

dusol beauty novena new stylist joy

In this episode, Joy will talk about how is Korean haircut different from the usual haircut you would get in Singapore.

Firstly, we use to have this trendy fashion to cut our hair heavy. But nowadays, layered hair are more trendy. Layered haircuts gives more volume to the hair and help to make your face look smaller.

There are many Korean actress and idol are going for the layered, effortless look nowadays. Maybe it's because all the beauty benefits layered will help to enhance like your face shape, facial features and even your skin tone!

Next time when you're visiting a hair salon for a haircut, it's not just a haircut. The haircut will affect your overall image.


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