Are Scalp Treatments Worth It?

While many of us are familiar with how stress could lead to wrinkles and even aging of the skin, many don’t realise that it can also affect our hair growth, scalp health and overall skin on our head. It’s important for us to take care of our scalp and hair to prevent dandruff, irritation, dryness and even hair loss. 

Hair can become clogged and dull especially when using harsh hair products combined with poor diet and a lack of exercise. Other contributing factors to scalp issue includes stress, weather changes, and infrequent hair washing.

Asian Hair only allows for 3 to 6 strands of hair follicle growth per pore. This results in thinner looking hair and obvious hair loss as you grow older. 

Prevention is better than cure! It’s important for us to use scalp treatment products to maintain a healthy scalp before it's too late. There are many different products that can be found when it comes to scalp care. Here are some products you could consider!

| Scalp Shampoos

To start, use a scalp shampoo that can clear the build up of products and grime on your scalp. We recommend getting a shampoo that helps to nourish the scalp at the same time. It’s very important to regularly wash your scalp to remove excess oils and dead cells (especially for those of us living in humid countries!). If you're suffering from an itchy and irritable scalp, try using a soothing anti-microbial daily shampoo.

We recommend using our Chanamu Daily Shampoo for Irritable Scalp to aid irritable and sensitive scalp. This shampoo is great in restoring hair elasticity and strengthening your hair follicles.

For those with oily and dandruff prone scalp, we recommend using our Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo. The tea tree oil inside helps to cleanse the scalp, relieve scalp itchiness and reduce dandruff!

| Scalp Scrubs


As a second step to your hair care routine, you could use a scalp scrub for a deeper cleansing. Ensure that the scrub is specifically formulated for the scalp! -  those with fine scrubs. Anything harsh may just cause more problem for you.


Try using our Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Scrub Treatment for a refreshing menthol feeling on the scalp after use. With ingredients like amino acid, the scrub helps to soothe the skin with anti-irritant properties, reducing symptoms of sensitive scalp, such as redness and flaking. 

| Scalp Oils and Treatments


Finish off by adding scalp oils and treatments to your hair. Using scalp oils and treatments could actually counteract over-active sebum production and encourage healthy hair growth starting from hair root to hair tip. 

Here are some products we recommend for scalp oils and serums!

Hydrate and nourish your scalp with Moroccan Oil. This Moroccan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and is packed with omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which improves the health of hair. It can also be an excellent moisturiser for your body and face as well!

For a good hair care serum, try using the Milbon Elujuda Limber / Mellow Serum! These two products contain featured ingredients such as baobab seed oil and keratin to protect and moisturise the hair. 

Another hair care treatment product you can try is our Chanamu S NO.3 Treatment (Straightening). With key ingredients like tea tree and chamomile flower extract, this product can protect your hair and improve hair texture. You may use it to style your hair as well! 

This treatment is ideal for straight hair as it will straighten out hair. 

Similar to our Chanamu S NO.3 Treatment, our Chanamu C NO.3 Treatment (Curling) can be used to protect and style your hair as well! This treatment is ideal for curly hairs as it keeps the curls. 

For scalp treatments, we recommend using our Treatment series for that extra care for your hair! 

Our Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic is loaded with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, thyme and cumin. These will effectively solve itchiness, oiliness and dandruff in your scalp in an instant!

With key ingredients such as aloe leaf extract, nutmeg extract and linseed seed, Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment promotes hair growth and healthier, stronger scalp.

It is ideal to use Chanamu Scalp Care Multivitamin before applying colouring or perming chemicals. It creates a protective layer as to not irritate or damage the scalp. 


Besides shampooing and conditioning your hair, it’s very important to take care of your scalp as well. Without proper care of your scalp, your hair will worsen. 

The better the overall scalp, the less likely you will suffer from any more irritation and itchiness. Therefore, it is worth going the extra mile for a healthier scalp! 


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