Why does hair stop growing?

Worried about why your hair has stopped growing, or why it has become thinner and less full? We're here to help you understand why this is happening and how to prevent it!



Did you know? The length, colour, thickness and strength of our hair are determined by our genes? Genetics play an important part in influencing an individual’s hair growth phase where their hair has the potential to reach its longest length.

Most hair growth phases last between 2-6 years and is a huge factor in determining the longest hair length our hair can grow. Hair does not necessarily stop growing when it reaches a specific length but it does once it has reached the end of its growth cycle. This is also why some people just can’t seem to grow their hair longer beyond a certain length.

Not only does aging play a huge role in hair loss, it also shortens the period of time for our hair to grow in the growth phase. A shorter growth phase means our hair does not have the time needed to grow as long as when it previously did. This may give off the impression that our hair has stopped growing.

Telogen Effluvium is a common condition that causes temporary hair loss from stress or shock in a major life event. The stress pushes the hair follicles into a “resting’ phase prematurely, restricting 30% of hair growth. Overtime, one may notice that hair falls out more easily. Fortunately, this condition does not require medical treatment and lasts no longer than 6 months. 

Imbalanced Thyroid Levels
Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism caused by an impaired thyroid gland can affect hair growth. A lack of thyroid hormones can also cause your body to malfunction and metabolism to break down, causing thinning or falling hair.

Over processing your hair
The use of hair-styling products such as hair dye, perms & relaxers exposes your hair to chemicals that will strip it of its natural oil and cause your hair cuticles to lift. This damages the hair's inner structure leading to thin and breakage prone hair. As your hair does not grow as fast as it breaks you may notice that it starts getting difficult to grow out your hair.

Dry hair & scalp
An insufficient or imbalance of moisture level in your hair may cause it to be dry and brittle. As a result of prolonged hair dryness, infections can occur that cause inflammation of the hair follicles, which scars the hair or damages it, resulting in a slowing or halting of hair growth.

Split ends
Various factors such as hair colouring, excessive heat, and lack of nutrients can cause the hair to split on one end which results in a frayed end that tapers off to nothing. Split ends cannot be undone and will need to be snipped off. If left uncut, these split ends can cause damage to the hair shaft resulting in hair breakage and the prevention of hair growth.

What can you do about it?

There are many ways to address the issue of hair growth. Here we share with you what are some of the ways you can do so:

Emotional and physical stress influences the quality of hair and rate of hair loss greatly. Treat yourself to relaxing activities to decrease stress levels.

Use essential oil to stimulate the scalp
Oils such as Thyme oil helps to stimulate the scalp, while Tea tree oil with its antibacterial properties help to cleanse and unclog the hair follicles, boosting hair growth.

Moisturize your hair and scalp
Keeping your hair moisturized is crucial in preventing dry hair and scalp, that may eventually lead to stunning the growth of your hair. Prevention is better than cure, use a moisturizing shampoo to keep your hair and scalp moisturized.

For a moisturizing daily shampoo, we recommend our Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo as it contains Lavender that cleanse and moisturize dry scalp and hair. It also contains Tea Tree Oil that helps cleanse & unclog the hair follicles, while Hawthorn Fruit extract in this shampoo helps improve scalp circulation and promote hair growth. 

Use products with Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera helps to condition and strengthen hair, that way your hair is less prone to breakage. Aloe Vera also contains "aloenin," a substance believed to help stimulate hair growth.

If you already have a favourite shampoo or just want some added nourishment for your scalp give our Chanamu Multivitamin Treatment a try! It contains Aloe Leaf extract that hydrates dry & damaged skin which reduces flaking. Our Multivitamin Treatment also contains Nutmeg extract that improves scalp circulation and promotes hair growth!

Hair does not necessarily stop growing but it could once it has reached the end of its growing cycle. The above causes such as genetics, age, stress, underactive thyroid, over processing of the hair, dry hair and scalp and splits ends my be some of the reason why your hair appears to have "stopped" growing.

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