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Chanamu Scalp Multivitamin Treatment


Chanamu Tea Tree Scalp Multivitamin Treatment is for professional and personal use. It protects and maintains hair (PH balancing) for healthier and stronger scalp. Contains vitamin pp, panthenol, natural soy protein which act on the hair follicle to promote the shine and elasticity of the hair, and rebuild and strengthen the hair fibers  Product usage enhances the resistance of the hair and strengthens the stratum corneum by compacting ceramide components. 

Most often, it is used before applying colouring/perming chemicals by creating a protective layer so that the chemicals do not irritate/damage the scalp. 


Key Benefits:

Aloe leaf extract - Hydrates dry and damaged skin which reduces flaking

Nutmeg extract - Promotes hair growth and improves scalp circulation

Linseed acid - Cleanses scalp and adds a  shine to dull and lifeless hair with its fatty acids



Gently dry the wet hair with towel, and apply on damp hair. (After dyeing and perming, apply to both scalp and hair)