Why does my scalp hurt?


Experiencing pain on the head? Sometimes it isn’t your head that is hurting, but the skin protecting it. A sore scalp can cause a nagging pain that can ruin your mood for an entire day. We’re here to help you understand what might be causing it and how to not only resolve but also put a stop to it.



Sunburns on your head are less common compared to the rest of the body as our hair shields it from the sun. However, it is not unheard of especially for those with lesser hair. With lesser hair volume, the sun rays can easily penetrate through and attack our scalp. A scalp burn can feel very similar to those on your face, sore and irritating.

Scalp Pimple

Our scalp has the same kind of skin as our face, so it’s common for it to develop some pimples from time to time as well. Scalp pimples can form when dead skin cells, dirt, sebum and hair care products build up and clog the hair follicles. Scalp pimples are usually noticed with dandruff as they have similar triggers. Scalp pimples are pretty obvious to spot as they are commonly found near their hairline.


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Skin Abscess
When a small cut or scratch isn’t treated right, bacteria sneaks underneath the scalp, and forms pockets of yellow pus, usually large, red and swollen. similar to a pimple but noticeably larger in size. Skin Abscess can vary in size as well. Small abscess usually heal on its own with our body’s immune system, but bigger ones might need to be treated by a doctor with antibiotics.


Yes, the process of washing hair can be time-consuming. But when you don’t wash your hair enough, your scalp does not get enough stimulation and can hurt easily from time to time. Furthermore, it can cause additional oil and bacteria build up, increasing your chances of getting dandruff and even yeast overgrowth.


Your scalp is like a smart nutrient detector, producing essential oils for your scalp which are needed for healthy hair growth. When you are washing your hair too often, you might be stripping away the nutrients your scalp is providing. Over time, your scalp “learns” to produce more sebum in order to compensate for what you shampoo away. This excess sebum contributes to an ideal environment for dandruff to develop.


Maintain healthy Hair Growth
The best natural scalp sunscreen is your hair (provided that the part of your scalp that is facing the sun is covered nicely by your hair)! Therefore it is important to have consistent and full hair growth. Some of the ways that you can prevent hair loss is to adopt a shampoo that promotes hair growth, leave-in multivitamin for hair and avoid brushing too often.

Chanamu Multivitamin Scalp Treatment is a leave-in treatment that helps to enhance the strength of hair fibres and promote hair growth.

  • Ginger Root extract - Stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair strand and follicles. Reducing hair loss.
  • Nutmeg extract - Promotes hair growth and improves scalp circulation
  • Linseed acid - Cleanses scalp and adds a  shine to dull and lifeless hair with its fatty acids

Find a suitable shampoo schedule

If you wash your hair every day or twice a day but notice that you have dandruff then it might be a sign to shampoo less! It might take a few days or weeks for your scalp to get used to your new schedule but it’s important to be patient and get through this phase. Your scalp will balance out eventually.

Hair Care Products

Working out a new and suitable hair care routine can be frustrating, especially when the results aren’t instant. There are some hair care products that can support this transition and turn it into a pleasant experience.

Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo can help to clean your hair and scalp thoroughly without further provoking it. The key ingredients for this shampoo are:

  • Coriander Fruit & Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Oil – Acts as a natural detoxifier and contains anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that deeply cleans the hair and scalp.
  • Laurus Nobilis Leaf Extract - Order neutralising, reduces acne and dandruff, calms inflamed skin and promotes the healing of minor wounds.
  • Tarragon Root Extract - Moisturises dry hair, promotes hair growth.

After shampooing, spray on some Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic directly on your scalp for a refreshing boost of confidence. Consisting 100% natural ingredients to prevent your scalp from getting inflamed and itchy, these includes:

  • Tea tree oil - Eliminates germs and bacteria
  • Cumin and Hawthorn extract - Anti-inflammation and Anti-acne
  • Menthol - Calms itchiness and fragrant scent

You are not forced to deal with the painful and itchiness of your scalp, there are remedies for you! Discover your new hair care routine through our products here www.hanastory.com

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