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Chanamu Daily Shampoo for Irritable Scalp


Previously known as Olivetta Shampoo for Irritable Scalp, this is an updated version. 

Chanamu Daily Shampoo for Irritable scalp helps to lessen oily scalp, dandruff and hair fall EVEN if nothing has worked before.

✔  Stronger than Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo

✔  Ideal for more compromised scalp conditions

✔  Deeply cleanses the oil from the scalp

It is ideal for chemically treated hair, sensitive scalp and all-rounded for family use.

It is a mild cleansing product that will not irritate your scalp. In addition, it will balance the scalp to an ideal level of pH of 4.5 - 5 and create a protective layer to prevent scalp irritation.

Recommended for people who have irritable scalp, sensitive scalp, damaged hair, dull hair, stiff hair, chemically treated hair concerns.

Made with revitalin and estragon extract, this shampoo is great for restoring hair elasticity and strengthen your hair follicles.

Key ingredients:

    • Natural Moisturising Factor, NMF (Hydration and Protective Coating) 
    • Revitalin (Amino Acids)
    • Estragon Extract
    • Taragon Extract (Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B and minerals)
    • Bay Leaf Extract (Moisturising properties)