Why you need Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic in your hair care routine!

Do you have itchy scalp problems that are leading to worse problems such as dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning and scalp acne? Before we dive right in on how to solve these problems, let us share how they come about!
Scalp Acne

Oily Scalp

Excessive oil causes the fungus on the scalp to become overactive. This fungus feeds on the oil  that hair follicles produce, called sebum. Overactive fungus irritate the scalp, making it itchy and causing it to produce even more skin cells. Oil from the scalp causes the skin cells to clump together and appear as white flakes, also known as dandruff.
Scalp Inflammation
Excess oil, sweat and dead skin build up in your hair follicle may also causes inflammation. As a result, your hair roots will not receive enough nutrients or get enough blood circulation leading to hair thinning.

Scalp inflammation may also lead to painful bumps and cause deeper problems such as hair thinning, hair loss and scalp acne. 

Dry Scalps

Dry Flakes


Dry scalps commonly occur due to dry weather and allergy reaction. As it flakes, the scalp becomes red and itchy. Scratching on itchy scalp may exacerbate inflammation and even leave scars. Scarring may damage hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic can help you!
Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic cleanses the scalp deeply without over drying it while stimulating hair growth.

What's in Chanamu Scalp Tonic?

Piroctone Olamine
Piroctone Olamine
An important ingredient in Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic is Piroctone olamine, an antimicrobial agent. This means that it is great at controlling the fungus on our scalp!
Cumin Extract
Cumin and Hawthorn fruit extract found in this bottle are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They will soothe the itchiness and decrease acne present in oily scalps. 
Hawthorn Fruit Extract 
Hawthorn fruit extract also has moisturising properties and it promotes hair growth.
Thyme Extract
Thyme in the tonic improves blood circulation to the scalp, restoring hair growth and quality.
With the right blend, Chanamu Scalp Care Tonic will help to eliminate oily scalp and reduce hair loss effectively. It hurts to not be using our scalp tonic, get yours now today~
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