How to use Chanamu Essential Hair Kit

Chanamu Essential Hair Kit is a set of our best sellers that can be used in a single routine.

What does it contain?


This almighty kit is made up of a Scalp Care Tonic, Tea Tree Shampoo and Multivitamin Treatment

How to Use

So we have received many questions on how to use them for maximizing their benefits and here we are! Let us give you a guideline for the Chanamu Hair Care routine.




Step one is to cleanse. Add water and massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp for 3 minutes. Wait for another 3 minute for the shampoo to do its work before rinsing it off thoroughly for another 3 minutes.

This would ensure that residues that clog your hair follicles are removed. We also encourage you to use cold water as hot water damages your hair and scalp.



The second step would be to “tone” your scalp. 

After rinsing off the shampoo, dry your hair and scalp to prevent bacterial growth. Spray Chanamu Scalp Care tonic on to dry scalp and massage it in.The tonic helps to clean your scalp deeply. Do not use more than two times a day as it is a strong antiseptic



The final step would be to “moisturise”. Spray multivitamin treatment on your hair and scalp daily or after chemically treated processes like perming. This formula is packed with many nutrients, promoting hair growth and protecting your scalp. You may use this treatment multiple times a day for the best benefits.


Here's a video explainer that might help you! 


Alright, with the right steps, try using Chanamu essential care kit and achieve the best results! You may wish to learn more about their ingredients and benefits in our another blog post (how to build an effective hair care routine)!