Hairstyles for men

Men, have you ever wondered what kind of hairstyle is best suited for you? What is there to consider when getting a new haircut? Here are some tips & tricks to finding a hairstyle that will help accentuate your natural hair!

Know your hair type

There are usually many factors that determine if a particular hairstyle would suit you or not, hair type being one of the key factors. Let us share what are the different hair types are and what they’re characterized by.

Straight Hair
Straight hair is the easiest to identify. If you notice that your hair does not appear to have any curl of waves, this probably means that you have straight hair. The lack of curl pattern in straight hair means that this type of hair tends to appear less voluminous. Because the natural oils produced by the scalp easily coats onto straight hair, straight hair usually appears flatter and more limp. 

Straight hair is usually prone to oiliness. Thus, it is advised to frequently wash straight hair as an excessive amount of sebum can lead to dandruff prone hair that looks even flatter.

Wavy hair
Wavy hair is seen to have a more define wave in an “S” shape, and is considered a medium between curly and straight hair. Because of the "S" shape, it gives more volume and has a tousled texture. Therefore, appearing more voluminous and loose.

As a result of its shape and texture, wavy hair tends to be less oily than straight hair, but is susceptible to environmental conditions. Thus, anti-humidity products are recommended for wavy hair.

Curly Hair - Curly hair are “S” shape with loose or springy curl that ends in a loop, and appear to be thick and voluminous. This type of hair have curls with circumference wider than candles, which forms perfect ringlets.

Because curly hair tend to lack natural oils. A sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo is recommended for curly hair to lock in moisture and keep it hydrated.

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Coily Hair
This type of hair is a cross between a "Z" and an "S" shape and is super tight with ringlets that are tightly curled and defined. Hair of this type is known to be coarse in texture with a corkscrew appearances.

Coily tend to frizz easily as natural oils are unable to travel far down the hair shaft. To keep the hair lush and healthy, this hair type should focus on retaining moisture.


In light of the different types of hair, let us take a look at some of the more trendy and fitting hair styles for each hair type:

Slick Back (Straight Hair)
The slick back is arguably the most simple and timeless hairstyle for men with straight hair. The use of wet gel combined with straight hair can create a more polished look that strikes a balance between modern and classic.

You can even get an undercut along with this haircut to help emphasize volume!

Wavy Quiff (Wavy Hair)
A hairstyle with a contrast of high and low, finished with a messy brushed back or combed texture. A wavy quiff can be paired with an undercut, fade or even a line-up for a very versatile look. The quiff is distinctive as a hair style.

Messy Curly Quiff (Curly Hair)
A common, yet unconventional hairstyle that is also timeless. A quiff, although slightly tough, can be achieved by running styling paste through a damp towel. To achieve a fashion look have some bangs!

The messy curly quiff is low in maintenance and hardly requires any time to style. You can even pair this style with an undercut to help you control that mane!

Afro Twist/Blowout (Coily Hair)
For men with coily hair, an afro twist/blowout will best show off how thick and voluminous the hair is. Twist hairstyles are extremely popular these days, and can be achieved with only a blow-dry after washing.

Need help styling and protecting your hair?

For straight hair:
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For curly hair:
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