Hair for Square Face

If you’re searching for this, chances are you might be looking for hairstyles that suit your face shape and soften the jawline and cheekbones. Finding a haircut that best compliments your face shape might be tricky to figure out but there are some common features of square faces that will help determine your haircut easily!

Before looking at hairstyles for square faces, make sure that your face shape is square. How to determine this? Take a close look at your face in the mirror with your hair held back - if you find that you have a broad forehead that ends in line with the corners of your jaw (which will be stretched out as well), high prominent cheekbones and your chin is flat compared to pointy, then you do have a square face.

Alternatively, you can take a full picture of yourself without a smile, print the photo and draw lines around your face shape to define the contours of your face. 

If you find that you have a wider hairline, high prominent cheekbones and a strong/angular jawline, congrats! You have a square shape and these hairstyles will be best suitable for your face shape.

1. Short Layered Bob

This hairstyle is very flattering for square face types. This hairstyle helps to draw attention to your cheekbones without highlighting the jawline. Keep your short bob looking smooth by applying Chanamu Scalp Multivitamin Treatment for nourishment. 

2. Angled, Asymmetrical Bob

On top of the layered bob, the angled asymmetrical bob is flattering to square faces. They’re soft and layered which keeps the lines natural and removes any weight that draws attention to the jaw. Not only that, the angled bob elongates the face shape.

3. Long Layered hairstyle

If you have long hair, a layered hairstyle will definitely suit your face shape. Framing your face with waves and curls will strategically cover the jaw corners and elongate the face shape. 

4. Lob hairstyle

A lob hairstyle is a perfect balance between short and long hair - which just so happens to look amazing with a square face! The collarbone length of the hair is very flexible for styling and takes the focus away from a stronger jawline to instead, the overall length of the hair. 

5. Side-swept bangs 

Who says square face shapes can’t have bangs? The key is finding the right style of bangs! For square-shaped faces, we recommend going for side-swept bangs. This type of bang is the most low-maintenance of any bang type and it softens the strong jawline. 

6. Deep Side Part

Deep side parting looks stunning with a deep side part hair. Volume is very important when it comes to the square face. The side part will not only volumizes your hair, but it will soften the shape of your face too! It’s a WIN-WIN situation!

7. Shaggy Pixie

You can still rock a shaggy pixie hairstyle with a square face too! The hairstyle for square face shapes needs to be soft and delicate to give balance. This hairstyle will soften the corners of the jaw and bring attention to the eyes instead. Just remember to keep the overall length shorter in the back and a few inches longer in the front and along the sides of your face to frame it nicely. 


These are just some of the main styles that have been done and used by women whom have a square shaped face. There are many other different hairstyles that you can try and explore as well! 

Most importantly, soft curls, layered hairstyles and volume are a few essential features that go well with square-shaped faces. Have fun exploring the different hairstyles! You will look gorgeous, regardless~

Volume is important when it comes to the square face. Curl your hair in the opposite direction to soften the wave pattern and finish off with a texturizing spray to create an effortless, day-two texture. Protection is important when it comes to heat treatment, we recommend using protectant products like our Chanamu C No3 Treatment before curling your hair. This treatment will protects while nourishing your hair.

If you're looking to perm your hair for more "permanent" curls, use Chanamu C No3 Treatment twice a day. This helps to hold your curls better and protect it from harsh weathers. 

Girls with square faces often need to correct their strong jawline with a flattering hairstyle because - the width and length of their face shapes are practically equal. Stylists recommend using face-framing locks and asymmetry to soften the angular outlines of square faces.

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